Rudolf Buys & Associates Attorneys is a niche legal practice based in Bryanston. The firm’s focus is on delivering specialised and dedicated legal services to it’s select client base, which mostly consists of corporate entities, businesses and divorce clients.

The firm is distinguishable from it’s peers in that its strategic and functional business model is aimed at providing professional services to a select group of clients in order to afford the client a dedicated and superior services experience that not only meets, but exceeds the needs and expectations of the client, and this at a professional rate that is highly reasonable.

RBA is staffed by highly skilled legal professionals with extensive corporate, commercial, insurance and family law legal experience that is dedicated to serving the needs of its select client base.

RBA offers the following specialist legal and advisory services to their clients:

  • The drafting of all business related commercial agreements and the negotiation of such agreements;
  • Legal representation pertaining to Civil action instituted by and against the business;
  • Legal representation pertaining to Legal action by or against the business in respect of labour issues;
  • Legal representation pertaining to Criminal action instituted against the business owners and directors for business related matters;
  • Legal representation pertaining to Civil and criminal action instituted by or against the South African Revenue Services;
  • The review and drafting of company policies;
  • Debt collection;
  • Rendering of legal corporate services;
  • Rendering of legal opinions;
  • Divorces;
  • Rendering services pertaining to all aspects of insurance law.

Rudolf Buys

Rudolf Buys

Senior Partner

Tel: +27 11 706 0151